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Richard Scandaliato
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Torrance, CA 90505
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"Since our introduction to Richard Scandaliato, several years ago, we experienced nothing less than a mutually respected and beneficial relationship. Richard and his staff have consistently demonstrated their commitment to timely performance as well as the deliverance of the terms and conditions they quote"
- Mark Gabay, Principal with Charles Company
"Blue Real Estate is a 30-year old family-owned business. Over the years it has acquired, owned and managed many office, retail and flex properties. It currently owns over 1.75 million sq. ft. of commercial property on the West Coast and Midwest."
"Since meeting Richard Scandaliato nearly ten years ago, he has been Blue's sole mortgage broker, responsible for placing over a dozen loans for Blue aggregating nearly $150 Million. We have found Richard and his organization to be extremely capable and aware of our needs. He has always been able to match our borrowing requirements to the appropriate lender and to efficiently and timely deliver a loan that fulfills our expectations."
"Based on our experience, we confidently recommend RKM Capital for commercial loans of any size."
- Jim Ries, Chairman of Blue Real Estate

"We have completed several hundred million dollars of complex transactions with the RKM Capital team. These accomplishments could not have taken place without the expert advice, direction and analysis that they have provided me and our firm. They have demonstrated an exceptional understanding of our financial requirements and made the process timely, acceptable and comfortable." "There are very few real estate investment brokers who really advise their clients and guide them in the right direction. Richard Scandaliato leads his clients to what is in their best interests, not his. This virtue is rare in this day and age and is invaluable."

"Without their dedication, support and professionalism of RKM Capital, we could not have closed these transactions on time".

- Henry Manoucheri, CEO of Universe Holdings
"I want to repeat my gratitude for financing…it was a pleasure working with you and your staff. You met all of our expectations and your attention to every detail is appreciated".
- Joon Lee, President of Bacco, Inc.
"I want now to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your excellent work. I look back in the beginning, when I told you the type of financing we were looking for. You then gave us various options until we finally approved the right one.
Your skills in negotiation, along with your constant positive attitude and honesty, really spelled the difference. I have to say that you did a great job especially when it is came to providing a loan from a Wall Street Lender that had a lot of requirements, which you nevertheless fulfilled to their satisfaction and without changing any of the terms at the last moment. I can not compare you with any others that I have dealt with in my 20+years of real estate experience".
- Steve Gozini, President of BH Real Estate
"This was my first such endeavor, and as you are aware, I spoke to many people (perhaps too many) before selecting to work with Richard Scandaliato. And now I am happy to say that I know I made the right choice." "I am happy to confirm that throughout the whole process, RKM Capital committed itself to timely performance and ‘no surprises.’ From my first introduction and before selecting a lender to closing, I can say it was a very efficient transaction handled by professionals who knew what we could accomplish and then brought those resources to bear".
- Chuck Maggelet, Managing Director of MacCall Management
Testimonials - Lenders
"In the lending business, there are two types of mortgage brokers - those who get deals done and those who waste your time. RKM Capital has proven to be a brokerage shop that gets deals done. We consider RKM Capital to be one of the premier mortgage banking shops on the west coast."
- Michael Ottomanelli, Citigroup
"We have worked on many large transactions with the RKM Capital team and they have developed a rapport with Countrywide. They are known for their expertise and in depth analysis, which we have come to value and trust. Clients benefit from RKM Capital’s long standing relationship with Countrywide in working together to construct creative and flexible financing solutions for borrowers. RKM Capital operates with the utmost integrity and expertise."
- Kyle Jeffers, Countrywide Commercial Real Estate Finance
"RKM has provided exceptional underwriting, advisor services, & due diligence support with originating commercial real estate financing. I have worked on excess of several billion dollars in successful commercial real estate transactions with Richard and his staff. Furthermore, they have demonstrated their expertise throughout the whole capital stack."
-Bill Ruiz, Lehman Brothers, FSB