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Our Track Record and Success Stories

Since its inception in 2006, RKM Capital has successfully advised on many transactions and has place debt and equity totaling more than $3.5 Billion.

Consult with a RKM Capital team member today to discuss how your next project will become tomorrow’s success story.

$22,600,000 loan to Duke Realty, an Indianapolis REIT that owns more than 700 industrial, office and retail properties.  Duke used the proceeds of the 10-year loan to upgrade a warehouse that was leased to Kraft Foods.
$6,250,000 retail/office refinancing in Pacific Palisades, CA.  Five-year, fixed rate loan through “new CMBS 2.0” conduit loan with Ladder Capital
$30,500,000 office refinancing in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Five-year, fixed rate loan through a “new CMBS 2.0 conduit program with Deutsche Bank.  The proceeds allowed the borrower to buy-out the class “A” office towers largest investor.
$107,000,000 office acquisition in Dallas Texas. 99% Loan-to-Purchase. Floating rate with non-recourse financing. Financing hedged with rate caps. Property is well-positioned for upside potential.
$52,450,000 office/warehouse acquisition in St. Louis. 865,000 square feet. Fixed rate debt and non-recourse.
$260,000,000 office portfolio acquisition in Dallas and Chicago. Floating rate debt on LIBOR index, hedged with rate caps, 95% Loan-to-Cost, and non-recourse loan.
$31,500,000 multifamily acquisition loan in Southern California. 305 units with permanent and mezzanine financing, 90% LTV. Non-recourse conduit lending, closed in less than two weeks.
$33,600,000 office/warehouse portfolio acquisition in Indianapolis. 809,000 square feet, 17 buildings and permanent financing with non-recourse.
$27,750,000 hotel refinance loan in Washington State. Conduit, non-recourse transaction, 85% loan to value.
$5,000,000 single tenant retail acquisition in Southern California. New development with national credit tenant, which included non-recourse conduit lending with permanent rate financing.
$29,000,000 multi-family acquisition loan in Las Vegas Nevada. Floating rate financing, highly structured with Mezzanine and Equity Financing. Closed transaction on tight time frame in less than one week.
$8,500,000 refinance loan, which included simultaneous closing of two office buildings in Southern California. Cash out refinance to purchase second building. Conduit, non-recourse, cross collateralized transaction, 85% loan to value.
$22,000,000 four building office portfolio acquisition loan in Indianapolis, Indiana. Permanent rate financing with non-recourse.
$1,000,000 ground lease acquisition loan in Southern California. Light industrial/warehouse with permanent non-recourse financing.